Waptech International Consults Ltd.

We are a team led by experienced Software developers and designers, creatively inclined web experts with industry experience of 10+ years. As an independent design agency we have the advantage of being selective in the work we undertake and the way we work.

We are small for a reason. We avoid hierarchy; instead we give our clients the advantage of interacting with team leaders to achieve an innovative, engaging and functional solution.

Since our launch in 2004 with Company Reg. No. (835877), we have successfully realized hundreds of Customized ERP Applications, Web Programming Applications, Dynamic E-Commerce websites to custom web apps, community sites, content management tools, training, banners, templates and viral campaign artworks.

- We are unpretentious company
- Unpretentious sized projects with clear scope & deliverables
- Competitive pricing & risk sharing
- Speed & agility (response time)
- Comprehensive quality.

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Suit 1, Shukurah Shopping Complex,
Old Market Road,

+234 (0) 7039600465
+234 (0) 9059288748

E-mail: info@waptechconsults.com

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